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Empowering Warehouse Optimization with RFID and Camera Integration for Unprecedented Visibility and Efficiency

Powerfully integrated solutions tailored to your warehouse needs.

Product Movement Patterns

Harness the power of Orbit's RFID and camera system for warehouse optimization. By integrating RFID tags with your inventory, Orbit provides real-time visibility into product movement patterns. Our advanced camera system captures visual data, complementing RFID technology to track and monitor the flow of inventory. With this comprehensive approach, you can gain valuable insights into the velocity and demand of specific products, allowing you to make data-driven decisions on storage placement, replenishment strategies, and inventory forecasting. Maximize efficiency by minimizing travel time, reducing stockouts, and optimizing product availability based on precise movement patterns

Warehouse Layout

Orbit's RFID and camera system revolutionize warehouse layout optimization. With RFID tags on each product and our camera system's visual tracking capabilities, you can strategically plan the layout of your warehouse. By analyzing data on product movement and combining it with visual insights, Orbit assists in designing an optimized layout. Identify high-demand items and allocate appropriate storage space accordingly, minimizing unnecessary movement and improving pick paths. Visualize the flow of goods and optimize storage positions to minimize congestion and maximize space utilization. With Orbit, create a warehouse layout that supports efficient processes, reduces labor costs, and enhances overall productivity.

Improved Workflow

Optimize your warehouse workflow with Orbit's RFID and camera system integration. By utilizing RFID technology, Orbit provides real-time information on product locations, enabling efficient task allocation and reducing time spent searching for items. Integrating our camera system adds a visual component to your workflow, allowing for accurate identification and verification of items during picking, packing, and shipping processes. With comprehensive data and visual guidance, Orbit streamlines workflows, minimizes errors, and maximizes productivity. Improve order accuracy, reduce cycle times, and enhance operational efficiency with Orbit's RFID and camera system for improved workflow optimization.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount in warehouse operations, and Orbit's RFID and camera system contribute to a safe working environment. By utilizing RFID tags on personnel and assets, Orbit enables real-time monitoring of their movements within the warehouse. The camera system adds an extra layer of security by visually monitoring restricted areas and detecting unauthorized access. With this comprehensive approach, you can ensure compliance with safety regulations, prevent accidents, and mitigate security risks. Enhance safety protocols, prevent inventory shrinkage, and protect your personnel and assets with Orbit's RFID and camera system for robust safety and security optimization.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Whether you have questions, need further information, or are ready to explore how Orbit can revolutionize your warehouse, our team is here to help. Contact us today and let us guide you towards optimal warehouse management solutions that meet your unique needs.



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